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Who We Are...


Becoming productive citizens through empowerment


To vigilantly empower youth and adult to transition into productive citizens by providing sustainable skills to complement their innate ability.


Planting a seed at a time…building individuals for a lifetime.

About MIPOLess

Making the Impossible Possible, Inc. (MIPO, Inc.) is a 501c3 organization dedicated to promoting the quality of life of immigrant youth and their families residing in the New York metropolitan area through a variety of activities. Projects range from organizing youth summits, awarding scholarships to high school graduating seniors in the NY metro-area to supporting schools in Haiti with short- and long-term projects and conducting professional development training for educators in Haiti. Through our intensive training program, our Teacher Leaders have the task of training other educators to use research-based techniques and methods learned from the expertise of MIPO’s team which in return will influence student achievement.

Meet The Team

Board Officers
Felina Backer

Felina Backer

Founder & President

Felina Backer is the founder of MIPO, Inc. and the driving force behind the succ...More

Felina Backer is the founder of MIPO, Inc. and the driving force behind the successes of the organization. Felina has been engaged in community wellness for over three decades. She is convinced that anyone can be an element of change if they can find their purpose in life; however, one must be cautious as to which end of the spectrum of change they are committed to. 

An educator by profession for over 22 years, she is considered an influential stake to shifting the paradigm of what true community wellness is. She is passionate and dedicated to planting seeds in the lives of those she encounters and committed to being fruitful where she is planted. She believes that “we, the people,” have a responsibility; and, that responsibility is to empower communities and be an inspiration to all we can help “breathe.” Asking “What is your Why” will help attract those who believe in what you believe – “What is your Why” matters.

Margarette Tropnas

Margarette Tropnas

Vice President

Margarette D. Tropnas is the Vice President of Making the Impossible Possible, I...More

Margarette D. Tropnas is the Vice President of Making the Impossible Possible, Inc. She is a Community Activist and a Licensed Social Worker with over 25 years of administrative, program management and community engagement expertise. 

Margarette serves on numerous community boards. She is a Program Director at Urban Resource Institute and she is a Field Adviser/Adjunct Lecturer for the Silberman School of Social Work and a former Associate Adjunct Professor for New York University’s School of Social Work. 

Margarette’s Christian upbringing, her family background, professional experiences, and organizational skills all blend together to form the basis of her commitment to family, friends and the community at large. Her calm and collected personality transcend enormous power that allow those around her to progress in all aspect of their lives.

Sandra Nelson

Sandra Nelson 

 Program Director

Jasmine Philema

Scholarship Coordinator

Dr. Max Jean Paul

Dr. Max Jean Paul 

Education Liaison Coordinator

Ludma Delva

Ludma Delva

Event Strategist

 Firmin Backer

Firmin Backer

Financial Executive

Desmangles Dulyne

Fundraising Coordinator/Grant Writing/PR & Marketing Strategist 

Appointed Operations Members / Volunteers

Felix Backer

Felix Backer

Nerlin Paul
Nerlin Paul


Gerard Cadet

Dr. Farnel Backer

Dr. Greta Strong

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Our Firm Belief

Individuals can attain their full potential given the opportunity to

challenge their own expectations. Education, commitment, dedication, and mentoring efforts are all components to promoting a better quality of life. The urgency in providing relief and assistance to communities in need, lies in the fact that the lasting physical and emotional effects of poverty have a documented ripple effect for generations.


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