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The goals of MIPO are:
  • To provide support that would enable Haitian troubled youth to understand their capabilities and mobilize such elements through self-reliant activities.
  • To provide family support through counseling.
  • To provide financial assistance through the development of a scholarship fund that would help disadvantaged Haitian youth to pursue their education and to develop their artistic talents.
  • To operate a yearly food pantry, clothing drive, educational supplies drive for needy youth.
  • To provide educational leadership conferences for Haitian youth in the states and abroad.
Our method entails the following:
  • Implementing creative community-based seminars by which the young adult could learn about life and positive actions.
  • Acting as a bridge to schools and other youth related facilities by which disadvantaged youth could access the larger privileged world.
  • Creating job sourcing and job training facility by which the youth could be trained for and acquire such jobs.
  • Promoting and encouraging music and art education.
  • Connecting Haitian youth with professionals in their career of interest.
Funding Goals:

To meet its goals, the organization has created the following funds through which resources would be raised to carry out the goals of the organization:

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